About the ship

Name of ship: ''DZIEWANNA''                                        ''KAPITAN COOK''
Port of registry: Szczecin                                                Szczecin
Type of the Vessel: passenger day cruiser - 200 pax              passenger day cruiser - 120 pax
Crew: 3 crewmen                                            3 crewmen
Bufet & mini-bar: 24 persons                                              35 person lounge
       seminar or                                                for conference and
comfortable meeting                                      business meetings
for 20 people                                                                 
WC: 2                                                          3
Additional information: sun deck, partly covered                        upper deck, partly covered,by
by a roof                                            roof, open sun deck forward

Technical Data:

Length overall: 30 meters                                           29,30 meters
Breadth moulded: 6 meters                                              6,70 meters
Average speed: 10 km/h                                             10 km/h
max. draft: 1 meter                                               1 meter


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