around Port of Szczecin
and Lake Dąbie
Welcome to our web site regarding m.s DZIEWANNA cruises around Port of Szczecin and Lake Dąbie.

We are sailing since the beginning of Spring time till late Autumn. 

During the Summer there is a promotion for Sat. and Sun. (see "Special Offer"). There are available Charters for Institutions and/or Companies in order to make special symposium or Integration Parties for their Crew or Customers or to make a joyful "Picnics on water".

We are berthing along "Passenger Quay" near to the Ship's Terminal or near to the Restaurant "Porto Grande", address: "Jana z Kolna" Street, no. 7, Szczecin.


There are available 2 free Parking places. There is nearby the City Tramway Stop (Line No. 6)
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